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Pingtan's growing to be a hotspot for cross-Straits youth to start business2017-02-17

As the closest mainland city to Taiwan, Pingtan in Fujian province has gradually emerged as a popular destination for cross-Straits youth to start businesses.

Cross-Straits families spend Christmas together2016-12-29

Families from the mainland and Taiwan celebrated Christmas together at Taiwan Innovation Park in Pingtan, Fujian province.

Taiwan-licensed cars2016-11-18

Pingtan has made it easy for Taiwan-licensed cars to run on the mainland through issuing temporary credentials.

Pingtan: a hotspot for Taiwan business owners2016-11-16

The Pingtan government has rolled out a series of preferential policies to attract cross-Straits companies to run businesses in the city. Zongren Science and Technology (Pingtan) Co is one of the beneficiaries.

Taiwan entrepreneur delegation visits Pingtan2016-11-09

An entrepreneur delegation from Taiwan paid a visit to Pingtan, Fujian province from Nov 7 to Nov 8 after attending the 2016 Cross-Straits Entrepreneurs Summit held in Xiamen.

Taiwan vendor seeks to move his family to Pingtan2016-11-03

The first installation of public housing for Taiwan residents working in Pingtan opened to the public on Nov 1.

Pingtan job fair draws Taiwan talent seeking employment2016-11-02

Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone held its first job fair for talents from Taiwan at the Taiwan Innovation Park situated in its Jinjingwan district on Oct 31.

Taiwan residents gain access to Pingtan public housing2016-10-26

A group of 74 Taiwan residents will now be able to rent Pingtan's public housing.