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Art show brings cross-Straits community closer2016-10-12

An art exhibition featuring works of artists from Pingtan and Taiwan opened in Pingtan.

Cross-Straits art show boosts appreciation for Pingtan2016-10-12

Liao and Wei, two veterans of the media industry, are pondering the idea of shooting a video to promote Pingtan's unique image,impressed by Pingtan's cultural environment.

Taiwan residents join celebration of Double Ninth Festival in Pingtan village2016-10-08

Local residents participated in the celebration of the Double Ninth Festival together with Taiwan residents who have started businesses in the local area

Cross-Straits Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition launched in Fuzhou2016-09-14

The first Cross-Straits Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was launched in Fuzhou, Fujian province, on Sept 12.

Pingtan promotes close ties with Taiwan2016-09-06

Pingtan, the closest island on the Chinese mainland to Taiwan will take advantage of its unique geographical location to further its close relationship with its cross-Straits neighbor.

Taiwan Innovation Park selected as cross-Straits youth entrepreneurship base2016-08-12

The Taiwan Innovation Park in Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province has been selected as a cross-Straits youth entrepreneurship base.

Imported goods traceability system gets green light in Pingtan2016-08-01

A new traceability system for imported goods was put into operation in Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in July, allowing for instant access to vital details about goods coming into the area.

Six Taiwan-funded construction companies set to settle in Pingtan FTZ2016-07-28

A group of Taiwan-funded construction companies are expected to be approved to become members of Pingtan FTZ, marking a step forward in cross-Straits economic relations.