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Eight exciting autumn events in Pingtan to watch out for2017-08-11

This month is the one-year anniversary since Pingtan vowed to turn itself into an "international tourism island", and the city in Fujian province has got a packed program of exciting events planned to celebrate.

Pingtan artists bring dead wood back to life2017-08-11

Pieces of dead wood have been given new life by a group of amateur artists in Pingtan, Fujian province.

Australian media group visits Pingtan2017-08-10

A delegation of reporters from Australian mainstream media visited Pingtan in South China's Fujian province on August 2.

CAS academicians give thumbs up to Pingtan's environment2017-07-19

A group of seven academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) toured Pingtan, Fujian province from July 11 to 16.

Communities dine as one big family in Pingtan2017-07-19

More than 2,000 Pingtan residents took to Tanren Street in the city to attend a grand dinner on July 15, Pingtan Times reported.

Anti-graft-themed Fujian opera to debut tonight2017-07-18

Justice (Qingtian), an anti-corruption-themed Fujian opera written by the celebrated Pingtan playwright Chen Daogui, is set to debut in the Fanghua Theatre in Fuzhou, provincial capital of Fujian province tonight.

Cross-Straits taekwondo contest kicks off in Pingtan2017-07-14

The sixth Cross-Straits Taekwondo Communication Contest kicked off in Pingtan, Fujian province on July 13.

Pingtan Haixia Rail-Road Bridge to open in 2019


Construction on the Pingtan Haixia Rail-Road Bridge, China's first cross-sea rail-road bridge, has taken a further step toward completion with its last support pillar due to be put in place soon.

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