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How a retired Taiwan resident launched a duty-free empire in Pingtan2017-04-12

When Taiwan resident Yang Cailin sold up her boutique store in Changhua county in 2013, retirement was the only thing on the fiftysomething's mind. But four years on, she finds herself the owner of a thriving business empire on the other side of the Taiwan Strait.

"Milky sea" turns Pingtan beach blue2017-04-12

An ethereal blue glow lit up the beach near Beigang village in Pingtan, Fujian province, on the evening of April 7, sparking debates in cafes and chat rooms across the city about what could have caused the strange phenomenon.

Pingtan holds Cross-Straits Basketball Game2017-04-07

A total of 16 basketball teams from Pingtan and Taiwan converged on Pingtan Stadium, competing in a cross-Straits basketball tournament on April 4.

Pingtan bank serviced by robot2017-04-07

A bank in Pingtan welcomed a new lobby manager on April 2, but there was no need to show the newbie how to work the coffee machine or help it schedule a lunch break because the employee's name is Lanlan and it's a robot.

Pingtan govt town-level service stations open2017-04-06

A total of 15 town-level government service stations were opened in Pingtan, Fujian province on April 2, as part of the local government's efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of government services.

Milky way: Pingtan farmer fertilizes tomatoes with gone-off milk2017-04-01

Fields of tomato plants are growing luxuriantly in You Tianjin's vegetable production base in Lubei, a small village in Pingtan, Fujian province. But unlike much of the produce found on supermarket shelves, the fuel for You's thriving tomatoes is not chemical fertilizers, but expired milk.

Pingtan to further the development of financial service industry2017-04-01

Pingtan in South China's Fujian province will focus on developing the city's nascent financial services industry during the 13th Five-year Plan period (2016-2020), the local government announced at its annual financial work conference on March 31.

New campus of Pingtan No 1 Middle School to open in September2017-04-01

Construction of the main structure of Pingtan No 1 Middle School's new campus has been completed, local news website ptnet.cn reported.