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New marine expo sails into Pingtan2017-06-01

The 2017 Pingtan International Marine Tourism and Leisure Sports Expo splashes down at Aoqian Taiwan Town in Pingtan, Fujian province, on June 2 to 4.

Pingtan to further rural tourism development2017-05-31

A forum themed around Pingtan's rural tourism kicked off in Beigang village on May 25, as the city seeks further development of its booming tourism industry.

Pingtan values suggestions on tourism development2017-05-31

A two-day forum focusing on how Pingtan can develop rural tourism closed on May 26.

Pingtan promotion conference held in Beijing2017-05-31

Pingtan held an event in Beijing to promote its preferential policies for investors on May 25, as the island city in South China's Fujian province steps up its push to attract investment from enterprises in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Pingtan to hold international cycling race2017-05-26

The 2017 Ocean Cup China (Pingtan) International Cycling Tournament is scheduled to be held in Pingtan, Fujian province on June 11.

National Beach Volleyball Tournament comes to an end in Pingtan2017-05-25

China's National Beach Volleyball Tournament finished in Pingtan, Fujian province, on May 21.

Kung fu movie to shoot in Pingtan2017-05-24

The Chinese kung fu movie Juhua Miling, or Chrysanthemum Secret Order, is expected to be shot in Pingtan, Fujian province.

Pingtan puts 2,000 public bikes to use2017-05-24

Pingtan has built 52 public bike rental stations that provide 2,000 bikes across the city in a move to provide local citizens a cheap, convenient, and eco-friendly form of transportation.