Taiwan craftsman brings cultural creativity into Pingtan

Zhao Shengjia, founder of the Zhaojiayao brand, said he decided to open a store in Pingtan in hope of blending Pingtan elements such as landscapes into his products.

Pingtan sets sails for kitesurfing boom

Kitesurfing has become increasingly popular in Pingtan, an island city off eastern Fujian province, reported the local newspaper Pingtan Times on July 25.

Pingtan honors companies with good tax records

Thirteen enterprises were rated Grade A for their taxpaying credit in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in Fujian province.

Bike Race

A total of 1,835 people competed in the 2015 Ocean Cup China (Pingtan) International Bicycle Tournament on June 7.

Business incubator

About 600 workers are putting the final touches on the construction of a business incubator for Taiwan enterprises.

Forex settlement reform

Overseas-funded companies can settle their foreign exchange capital at will, helping them efficiently use the capital.

New parks

Authorities said they will give much thought to the cultural history of the parks' location as well as conservation measures.