Pingtan fosters financial environment

Pingtan will introduce more preferential policies for local financial institutions, according to Li Dejin on April 20.

Chinese conglomerate to open subsidiary in Pingtan

Thaihot Group, a Fujian-based conglomerate, plans to invest one billion yuan in a subsidiary in Pingtan.

Pingtan simplifies business registration

Wang Qin obtained a business license for her ad company within three hours in Pingtan, Fujian province, on April 21, reported.

Lunar halo

This phenomenon is caused by moonlight refracted from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, according to experts.

Business incubator

About 600 workers are putting the final touches on the construction of a business incubator for Taiwan enterprises.

All-in-one biz license

Authorities in Pingtan have started to issue a new version of business licenses to ease the registration procedure for companies.

Economic goals for 2015

The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone is eyeing a 16 percent year-on-year GDP growth for 2015, according to a senior official.