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New centers give Pingtan residents easy access to govt services2017-05-09

The 15 town-level centers opened on April 1 and have already handled 1,686 requests from local residents, Pingtan bureau of administrative examination and approval announced at a conference on May 3.

Hot air balloons crowd the skies over Pingtan2017-05-04

Hundreds of colorful balloons filled the skies above Pingtan, Fujian province, as the city's first hot air balloon fiesta got underway on April 29.

Top Chinese art school selects Pingtan as practice base2017-05-03

One of China's top art schools, the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA), has decided to make Pingtan, Fujian province, a venue for vacation artists'retreats.

2017 Cross-Straits Workers'Cycling Race concluded in Pingtan2017-04-28

A record 1,000 people from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan took part in the 2017 Cross-Straits Workers'Cycling Race in Pingtan, Fujian province, on April 23.

Fujian to bring anti-corruption drive to stage2017-04-28

Justice (Qingtian), an anti-corruption-themed Fujian opera written by the celebrated local playwright Chen Daogui, is set to open in the southeastern city of Pingtan on July 8.

Pingtan builds high-end marine fishing resort2017-04-26

Pingtan in South China's Fujian province has announced plans to construct a high-end marine fishing resort in two neighboring coastal villages, Baisha and Baisheng, in Baiqing town.

Pingtan's Yujing Park to be put into use by year-end2017-04-24

Yujing Park, one of the 10 park construction projects currently planned in Pingtan, Fujian province, is expected to begin construction in June and open to the public by the end of this year.

Pingtan launches intelligent old-age service platform2017-04-19

Pingtan in South China's Fujian province opened its first intelligent old-age service center on March 22, as the island city explores new ways of caring for its elderly residents.