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Pingtan gets cross-Straits arbitration center2015-12-30

Opening of the Cross-Straits Arbitration Center was announced at a ceremony in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province, on Dec 29.

Pingtan and Taiwan banks cooperate to support Pingtan's development2015-12-29

Pingtan State Asset Investment Group, Fujian province will get a loan worth 500 million yuan from Taiwan's Chang Hwa Bank and Pingtan branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Pingtan to boost cross-Strait e-commerce sector2015-12-18

Pingtan, Fujian province plans to establish three centers, featuring trade, Internet finance and logistics to better promote its cross-Strait e-commerce trade.

E-certificate for quarantine to facilitate cross-Straits trade2015-12-07

The cross-Straits inspection and quarantine data exchange center of Pingtan, Fujian province recently started its operation.

Pingtan gets approval to make MTPs for Taiwan residents2015-12-03

Pingtan county in Fujian province got approval from the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security to grant five-year Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents on Nov 30.

Pingtan a favorite destination for Taiwan entrepreneurs2015-11-24

A delegation of 26 people from a chamber of commerce in Kinmen county recently visited the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province on Nov 23.

Blueprint for cross-Straits cooperation in Pingtan2015-11-24

The city of Pingtan, Fujian province says it will improve its status as a center for experimental development in cross-Straits cooperation over the next 5 years.

Taiwan investors enjoy better services in Pingtan2015-11-24

Local authorities in Pingtan, Fujian province recently opened a service window for Taiwan investors with the idea of offering them better and more convenient services