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Pingtan to attract more talented young Taiwan people2016-05-12

A delegation from the Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese led by its deputy director Zheng Lizhong visited Pingtan on May 9.

Pingtan bank grants first loan to Taiwan investor2016-05-12

Pingtan Rural Commercial Bank, Fujian province, recently granted a loan of 1.6 million yuan ($246,000) to a Taiwan investor surnamed Xue, who wants to do fish breeding in Pingtan.

Pingtan wants to promote rural tourism2016-05-10

Pingtan tourism authority took part in a cross-Straits rural tourism conference held in Xiamen on May 5, to learn from successful experience to develop its rural tourism.

Pingtan holds cross-Straits art exhibition2016-05-10

A cross-Straits art exhibition kicked off in the Pingtan Comprehensive Zone, Fujian province, on May 7.

Cross-Straits women's softball match kicks off in Pingtan2016-05-06

The 2016 Straits Cup Women's Softball Invitational started in Pingtan, Fujian province, as participating teams arrived on May 5.

Pingtan holds cross-Straits cycling race2016-04-25

The 2016 Cross-Straits Worker's Cycling Race kicked off in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province on April 24.

Cross-Straits women's softball match to open in May2016-04-25

Pingtan, Fujian province will host the 2016 Straits Cup Women's Softball Invitational from May 5 to 10.

Taiwan CEO visits Pingtan for further cooperation2016-04-11

Xu Weize, director of Pingtan administrative committee, met with Cheng Ping, CEO of Taiwan's Delta Electronics, on April 11, to talk about mutual cooperation.