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Pingtan's growing to be a hotspot for cross-Straits youth to start business

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Updated: 2017-02-17

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As the closest mainland city to Taiwan, Pingtan in Fujian province has gradually emerged as a popular destination for cross-Straits youth to start businesses.

According to statistics provided by Pingtan Free Zone Cross-Straits Development Co, there are currently over 1,200 Taiwan residents working in Pingtan and over half of them are young people.

Huang Bohao, a twenty-four year-old man from Taipei, Taiwan, is one of them.

Huang graduated from National Taipei University last year and landed his first job in Taiwan Innovation Park with a recommendation from his academic supervisor, Liu Hanliang.

Huang is now a member of young startup team dedicated to creating smart gadgets.

"I used to want to work for a big company to learn their advanced operation and management modes," he said, "But when I came to Pingtan, I decided to have a try here."

He also said Pingtan, like Shenzhen, is full of opportunities.

"Starting a business is a bit like purchasing shares on the stock market," he said, "Now that everyone knows the share price is going to increase, who wouldn't want to be a shareholder?"

At present, the twenty-four year-old has gradually gotten accustomed to his life and work in Pingtan.

He hopes more Pingtan families, as well as tourists, could get to know smart home principles and improve their life quality.

In addition to Taiwan youth like Huang Bohao, plenty of local Pingtan young people have chosen to pursue their dreams in their hometown. Scke, a makerspace dedicated to the creative cultural tourism industry, typifies them.

Three young men left their high-paying jobs in Shanghai and Guangzhou to start their own business in their hometown, Pingtan.

Wang Feng, one of the three founders, explained that their company has already established a strategic cooperation relationship with Ctrip, a giant Chinese travel service provider. The company shall introduce Ctrip's offline experience pavilion, which will enable visitors to tour around Pingtan's landscapes remotely via Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.

He also hopes young entrepreneurs from different places consider the respective advantages of realizing their entrepreneurial dreams in Pingtan.