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Pingtan cyclists to visit Taiwan2015-11-03

A cycling association in Pingtan, Fujian province, will organize cyclists to participate in a five-day event to cycle around the Taiwan Island on Nov 14.

Pingtan to participate in travel fair in Taiwan2015-11-03

A delegation of the Pingtan Economic Development Bureau, Fujian Province, will visit Taiwan to take part in the 10th Taipei Cross-Straits Travel Fair, Nov 4-10.

More Taiwan products hit Pingtan market2015-10-14

A store that sells commodities from Taiwan’s Pingtung county officially opened at a duty-free market in Pingtan.

More Taiwan elements come to Pingtan2015-09-25

The number of Taiwan-funded companies in Pingtan reached 482 as of Sept 6, accounting for 83 percent of all overseas-funded companies, with gross investment of $1.2 billion.

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