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Democratic party to help with Pingtan's development2015-04-07

The CNDCA orgran will offer suggestions and ideas for Pingtan’s development by playing a consultative role in Chinese politics.

NPC official visits Pingtan2015-04-03

A team from the financial and economics committee of the National People's Congress visited Pingtan on March 19 to learn about its development.

Pingtan, UWS look for cooperation2015-04-03

A delegation from the University of Western Sydney, led by its president Barney Glover, visited Pingtan on March 23.

Fujian intensifies anti-graft drive in Pingtan2015-04-02

A team from the Fujian provincial Party disciplinary watchdog has arrived in Pingtan for a two-month corruption crackdown.

Pingtan to publicly recruit 42 teachers2015-03-27

Pingtan will add 42 teachers this year at public schools, according to a notice by the local social affairs bureau.

Fujian officials value ocean project in Pingtan2015-03-27

A delegation from the Fujian Provincial Ocean and Fishery Dept visited Pingtan on March 13 to investigate its development.

Ministries pledge endorsement for Pingtan2015-03-26

Many ministerial officials have expressed their high hopes for the development of Pingtan in meetings with visiting Pingtan leader Li Dejin.

Senior Liaoning official visits Pingtan2015-03-19

A delegation of the Liaoning provincial government made a visit to Pingtan on March 10 to investigate its development.