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Fujian to guarantee land use in Pingtan2015-03-19

A delegation of the Fujian Provincial Land Resources Department visited Pingtan on March 10 to investigate its land use.

Pingtan leader inspects railway construction2015-03-11

Li Dejin conducted an inspection tour of a railway project on Xiaolian Islet in Pingtan on March 3.

Officials visit seniors2015-03-02

Li Dejin looked in on retired cadres and folks with financial difficulties prior to Spring Festival, on Feb 15.

State Council praises Pingtan's progress2015-03-02

Pingtan’s remarkable efforts of natural preservation and urban construction have left a deep impression on Zhang Junkuo.

Fujian eases hukou restrictions2015-02-27

Fujian province plans to go ahead with reforms of the permanent residency permit, or hukou, across the province by easing some rules.

Pingtan sets economic goals for 20152015-01-30

The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone is eyeing a 16 percent year-on-year GDP growth for 2015, according to a senior official.

Pingtan leader meets RCCK officials in Beijing2015-01-27

It is the two parties' second meeting in the past week. RCCK sent a team to Pingtan on Jan 7 to investigate its development and later decided to include Pingtan in its work plan for 2015.

Pingtan gets tough on freeloading2015-01-21

A Party official in Pingtan county, Fujian province, received a warning for hiding information on freeloaders on Jan 8.