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LGM president visits Pingtan2013-07-24

Lynn Huang, president of LGM World Group, visited Pingtan county in Fujian province on July 19 and 20 to investigate investment prospects.

Officials visit Pingtan for development inspection2013-07-22

An inspection team from the Fujian provincial government visited Pingtan last Tuesday to conduct surveys on its development.

Provincial People's Congress sends inspection team to Pingtan2013-07-16

Two senior officials from the Fujian Provincial People's Congress visited Pingtan to investigate its development prospects.

Fujian top prosecutor gets a tour of Pingtan2013-06-21

He Zezhong, of the Fujian province people's procuratorate, paid a visit to Pingtan, an island county off the coast of Fujain

Top Chinese political advisor visits Pingtan2013-06-19

Top Chinese political advisor Yu Zhengsheng wrapped up his three-day visit to Fujian province on Sunday and urged it to boost communication with Taiwan.

Zhejiang city looking to cooperate with Pingtan2013-06-14

A delegation from the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area, Zhejiang province visited the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

Official urges improvement of Pingtan's administrative management2013-06-03

Three years since its establishment, the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Southeast China's Fujian province, still needs to explore a more scientific administrative system.

Fujian's taxation chief visits Pingtan2013-06-03

An inspection team headed by Chen Qingwen, director of the Fujian Local Taxation Bureau, visited Pingtan to conduct an investigation on its tax performance on May 27.