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Cross-Straits ferries handle 300,000 passengers2014-09-09

People across the Taiwan Straits have taken more than 300,000 trips via two passenger ferries which sail on sea routes between Pingtan in Fujian province and Taiwan.

China beefs up protection of cross-Straits marine traffic2014-08-27

A passenger ferry operating routes between Pingtan county in Fujian and Taiwan will be better protected thanks to a new pact with a marine rescue agency signed on Aug 18.

Cross-Straits ferry celebrates second anniversary2013-12-06

A celebration event was held on Nov 30 to mark the second anniversary of the launching of a passenger ferry sailing between Pingtan and Taiwan.

Chinese mainland to open more marine routes to Taiwan2013-11-29

A Chinese mainland spokeswoman said that the authorities aim to open more marine routes to Taiwan.

Passengers board ship to leave Fujian for Taipei2013-10-12

Passengers perpare to board a ship to leave Pingtan Island, southeast China's Fujian province, for Taipei city.

Voyage to Taipei marks start of new route2013-10-11

High-speed cruise liner Haixia made its inaugural voyage to Taipei on Wednesday, marking the opening of a new sea route across the Taiwan Straits.

Mainland launches Pingtan-Taipei marine route2013-10-10

October 9 marked a historical day in marine travel across the Taiwan Straits as a new ship route linking Pingtan in Fujian province and Taipei in Taiwan was officially opened.

Haixia stewards promote new cross-Straits route2013-10-10

The crew members posed for the photos in their uniforms and the shoot lasted from morning to evening.

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