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Pingtan's first youth hostel

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Updated: 2016-06-13

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Pingtan's first youth hostel

The youth hostel at Guocai Village in Baiqing township, Pingtan, Fujian caters for guests during its trial operation as of May 28. [Photo/ptnet.cn]

A youth hostel,the first of its kind in Pingtan, has settles in Guocai village, Baiqing township, Pingtan, Fujian province.

The youth hostel has been designed to promote green and eco-friendly accommodation as well as encouraging more backpackers and tourists to visit the area. The hostel has been renovated from an old three-story building to feature aspects of the rural environment.

The renovation preserved the building's original style of that of a stone stone with the outer walls colored yellow and light gray.

The interior of the hostel features white walls and antique corridors leading to wood-floored rooms, creating a clean and comfortable environment.

The hostel's garden features walkways, plants and areas for guests to rest, as well as a vegetable patch and tranquil lotus pool.

Both inside and out has been decorated with local ornaments such as driftwood, old cane shields and fishing gear,which enables visitors to gain a better understanding of Pingtan through the design and decoration of the property.