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Pingtan encourages Taiwan's high-tech and modern service industries to expand in Pingtan for cross-Straits cooperation. It will strengthen cooperative research and development in key industries and core technologies across the Straits, building Pingtan into a competitive area to push industry upgrade and transformation in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone and surrounding areas.

High-tech industry base in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone

The base focuses on the development of high-tech industries with complementary advantages. It welcomes firms from Taiwan and foreign countries in hopes of developing electronic information, new materials and new energy industries.

Electronic information industry

Sectors such as electro-optical technology, new display devices, integrated circuit design, and automotive electronics should be given priority in the pilot zone. An industry base for automotive electronics will be cultivated, improving its overall capacity to provide auxiliary items for the electronic information and automobile industries in Fuzhou city and surrounding areas. Pingtan will also deepen cooperation with Taiwan regarding open source software and digital content.

New material industry

The pilot zone will give priority to the development of industries such as electronic information, nanotechnology and high molecular polymer material. Pingtan will build itself into a demonstration base for the development of the new material industry in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, pushing structural adjustment, optimization and upgrades for relevant industries in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other cities in the province.

New energy industry

The pilot zone will make full use of its rich wind and tidal energy. It will develop its offshore and onshore wind power and carry out research in tidal power generation. The zone also plans to set up a tidal power generation test base. The zone will promote cooperation with Taiwan and build a research and development base for new energies across the Straits.

Modern service nesting zone for both sides of the Straits based on the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone

Due to the shift in the modern service industry from Taiwan to Pingtan, industries such as modern logistics, commercial distribution, finance, cultural creativity and exhibitions should be developed further to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure.

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