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Development orientation

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A pilot zone for exchange and cooperation across the Taiwan Straits

A cooperative model should be explored with more flexible, open, and tolerant policies towards Taiwan. Comprehensive experiments in exchange and cooperation with Taiwan should be carried out in areas including economy, culture and society. Pingtan should work as a pilot zone to deepen cooperation across the Straits, boosting economic development, cultural exchange, and integral development of both societies.

A demonstration zone for institution and mechanism reform and innovation

Reform and innovation of Pingtan's institutions and mechanisms in economy, society and administrative management should be accelerated. Pingtan's breakthroughs are expected to set an example for China's reform in a new era.

A more livable zone for people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits

Pingtan will serve to provide easy access to cross-Straits regions and optimize its investment environment. The pilot zone will optimize urban public services and innovate social service management mechanisms for a more livable island with a booming economy, prosperous culture, harmonious society and beautiful environment.

A leading zone for scientific development in the Western Taiwan Straits

Pingtan will learn from advanced concepts and experiences from home and abroad. It will develop low-carbon technology and give priority to the development of high-tech industry. Pingtan will also accelerate economic development model transformation and find a development path requiring low investment and consumption but with high yield and benefits.