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Affiliated islets

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As an important part of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the affiliated islets include Yutou Islet, Junior Liandao Islet, Senior Liandao Islet, Junior Eastern Yangdao Islet, Tangyu Islet, Caoyu Islet and some smaller surrounding islets.

Each islet is different. Yutou Islet is designed to serve as a high-end residential area, recreational resort and marine cultural relic center. It will eventually house a wreckage museum, a submarine heritage research center, and a research center for wreck-salvaging technology on the islet.

Senior Liandao will develop into a center for ship and yacht production and repair.

Dongyang Islet will develop its ocean sightseeing and fishing industry. In addition, a supply and refuel base will be built on Caoyu Islet for ships across the Taiwan Straits. Dangyu Islet will be built into a high-end recreational center.