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Pingtan tourism doing well in spite of winter2015-02-26

Tourism authorities in Pingtan have report a total of 26,250 tourists during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday.

Top 10 tourism news2015-01-14

Authorities in Pingtan have made much efforts promoting its tourism resources in order to build it into an internatinoal tourism island.

Cross-Straits experts explore winter tourism in Pingtan2014-12-18

Executives from travel agencies across the Taiwan Straits gathered in Pingtan county, Fujian province, on Dec 2 to discuss how to promote winter tourism in Pingtan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pays attention to Pingtan’s tourist industry2014-11-11

"Xi's investigation brings opportunities to Pingtan's tourism industry," said He Wen, former deputy director of the Pingtan tourism administration.

Pingtan's tourism scores in National Day holidays2014-10-22

The tourism business thrived during the recent National Day holidays, with more visitors and their generous spending.

Promising prospect2014-10-14

Fujian Tourism Bureau recently hosted a forum in a bid to give a boost to the tourism industry of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

Pingtan to accelerate tourism development2014-09-17

Government authorities in Pingtan pledged to invigorate the tourism industry at an Aug 29 work conference.

Pingtan auctions three of its islands2014-09-11

Three of Pingtan's uninhabited sea islands have been included in an island tourism development plan by authorities in Fujian province.