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Ancient village to become culture hub2016-09-20

Set to a backdrop of blue sea and rolling green hills, the rustic stone houses of Beigang village look like they belong in a Hayao Miyazaki film.

Pingtan to become a world-renowned tourist destination2016-09-13

Pingtan, an island city situated in East China's Fujian province, is to build itself into a world-renowned tourist destination.

What will Pingtan national ocean park look like?2016-09-07

Haitan Bay, rated as a national ocean park in Aug 25, aims to become an area of ecological protection, sightseeing, entertainment, leisure, water sports, and ocean science popularization by 2025.

Pingtan beckons Beijingers2016-09-06

Pingtan, an island city situated in South China's Fujian province, is taking full advantage of its national promotion tour sponsored to promote its scenic spots and unique local delicacies.

Pingtan looks to villages to promote cultural tourism2016-09-02

As part of its drive to transform the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone into an international tourist destination, the government is developing innovative attractions to lure visitors.

Haitan Bay receives a national ocean park status2016-09-02

Haitan Bay in Pingtan, an island off the east coast of Fujian province, was rated as a national ocean park on Aug 25.

Pingtan scenic spots focus on infrastructure improvements2016-08-31

Scenic spots in Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province are working on improving their infrastructure.

China to develop southeastern Pingtan island into int'l tourism destination2016-08-23

The State Council has approved a plan that will see Pingtan, an island in southeastern Fujian Province, developed into an international tourist destination.