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Tannan Bay2017-02-17

Tannan Bay, situated in the southeast of Haitan Island in Pingtan, Fujian province, is one of the city's natural bathing beaches. Dubbed the "platinum coast", it has a 22-kilometer-long shoreline with enchanting seaside views.

Thirty-Six Feet Lake2017-02-17

Thirty-Six Feet Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in South China's Fujian province, used to be the only source of fresh water for residents of the island city Pingtan.

Nanzhai Mountain2017-02-17

Located in Beicuo town in the south of Pingtan Island, Nanzhai Mountain is famous for its giant animal-shaped granite rock formations. With boulders shaped like camels, tortoises, ducks and leopards scattered across Nanzhai Mountain, the place feels like a zoo of stone animals.

Media tour to promote Fujian rural tourism2016-12-09

A launch ceremony for a media tour of picturesque villages in Southeast China's Fujian province was held in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone on Nov 2.

Media visit Pingtan villages to promote tourism2016-12-09

Pingtan, the first stop of a media tour to Fujian province's beautiful villages, welcomed a group of journalists from 25 national media outlets on Dec 3.

Fujian television outlets to promote Pingtan tourism2016-10-31

Fujian radio and television stations pledged to offer technical and networking support to Pingtan radio and television station to strongly promote the island city as an international tourism destination.

Tourist numbers surge in Pingtan during Golden Week2016-10-09

Almost 225,000 tourists visited Pingtan during the weeklong National Day holiday, according to the city's tourism authorities.

Romantic Pingtan2016-10-09

A handful of locales in Pingtan were listed as perfect dating sites by the local news website ptnet.cn. A set of pictures capturing the beauty of these scenic sites explains why they made the list.