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Pingtan Haitan National Scenic Area2013-03-27

Located in Pingtan county, Fujian province, this national scenic area is the closest resort to Taiwan.

East Sea Fairyland becomes winter tourism hotspot2012-12-18

East Sea Fairyland in Fujian's Pingtan county continues to attract many tourists, despite the winter slowdown, reported the Pingtan Times on Dec 9.

Tannan Bay: Pingtan's future resort paradise2012-08-27

The peaceful Tannan Bay in Pingtan, Fujian province is a virgin land with a shoreline of 22 kilometers.

Island Beach2012-07-24

The winding coastal line of Pingtan Island, Fujian province, stretches for 408 kilometers, including 100 km covered by a sandy beach.

Haitan Deity2012-07-24

Located off the coast of south Haitan Island, Haitan Deity has been crowned as the Double Superb Rocks together with the Double-Sail Rock, another rare stone in Pingtan Island.

Shi Pai Yang2012-07-24

To the northwest of Pingtan Island and along the more than 500-meter sea surface in the west of Aocun Village stands a disc-shaped reef.

General Mountain2012-07-24

General Mountain, previously known as Tiger Mountain, is located at the Haitan National Scenic Spot in Pingtan county.

Nanzhai Mountain2012-07-24

Nanzhai Mountain is located in Beicuo Town, south of Pingtan Island in Fujian province. Large granites decorate the low hills.