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Pingtan promotes tourism at Strait Travel Fair2014-09-11

Pingtan came under the spotlight of the 10th Strait Travel Fair which is being held Sept 6 – 11 in Xiamen city.

Pingtan's pavilion at travel fair beckons2014-09-11

The pavilion of Pingtan has caught much attention at the ongoing 10th Strait Travel Fair in Xiamen city.

'Fresh Fujian' wheels into Xiamen2014-10-28

A tourism promotion event featuring Fujian’s iconic cultures such as tea and Hakka, as well as its heritage as one of the ancient cities on the maritime Silk Road, was held in Xiamen city on Sept 27.

UNIDO experts 'amazed' by Pingtan's charm2014-08-28

UNIDO experts said they were dazzled by Pingtan's beautiful natural landscapes as well as ecological conservation efforts.

Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan2014-08-20

Pingtan Times publishes four splendid photographs by amateur photographers, claiming that Pingtan has gained popularity.

740,000 travel to Pingtan in first half of 20142014-08-13

The tourism industry in Pingtan continued to thrive in the first half of 2014, as more than 744,000 people traveled here.

'Blue Tears' comes back2014-07-07

The glowing beaches of Pingtan, an island county in Fujian province, have captured the eyes of tourists across the country once again.

Cross-Straits tourism fair highlights Pingtan2014-08-07

Pingtan was elected to be the City of Honor for the 10th Strait Travel Fair, which is scheduled to be held Sept 6-11 in Xiamen.

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