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Changjiang'ao wind power farm2017-02-09

Changjiang'ao wind power farm, situated next to Guocai village in Baiqing township, is one of the major clean energy projects in Pingtan.

Dasong Island2017-02-09

Dasong Island, also known as Dadun Island, is an uninhabited island located about two kilometers off Guocai village in Baiqing, Pingtan.

Pingtan's first youth hostel2016-06-13

A youth hostel,the first of its kind in Pingtan, has settles in Guocai village, Baiqing township, Pingtan, Fujian province.

Brief introdution to Guocai Village2017-02-08

Guocai is a small village located in the Baiqing township of Pingtan, Fujian province.