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Locals reminisce about President Xi's visit in Pingtan2014-11-19

Pingtan Times, a local newspaper, interviewed people who met and talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping when he made a whirlwind visit to the island county in eastern Fujian province on Nov 1.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pays attention to Pingtan’s tourist industry2014-11-11

"Xi's investigation brings opportunities to Pingtan's tourism industry," said He Wen, former deputy director of the Pingtan tourism administration.

A Pingtan teacher draws cartoons for President Xi2014-11-13

Zhao Shuhe, an art teacher at Pingtan Han Ying Middle School, drew several cartoons for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Media focus on Xi's visit to Pingtan2014-11-04

Chinese President Xi Jinping's inspection of Pingtan on Nov 1 has triggered extensive media coverage, with many optimistic about Pingtan’s future.

Pingtan encouraged by President Xi's visit2014-11-03

Chen Hui, chief of the Pingtan Quarantine and Inspection Bureau, was still in a lot of excitement when reminiscing about his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Nov 1.

President Xi inspects Pingtan Customs2014-11-03

Chinese President Xi Jinping took a whirlwind tour of Pingtan on Nov 1, inspecting its development and achievements in cross-Straits communications.

Xi welcomes more Taiwan business to tap into mainland2014-11-03

Xi urged local officials to continue to be innovative and to preserve the healthy cross-Straits business and industrial cooperation environment.

Xi's visit to further promote Pingtan’s development, says expert2014-11-02

Pingtan will see more fruitful results in cross-Straits communications following a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping on Nov 1, according to an expert from Xiamen University.

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