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Pingtan firms benefit from all-in-one inspection and quarantine certificate2016-05-18

Some 41 companies in Pingtan, Fujian province have benefited from the trial operation of an "all-in-one" inspection and quarantine certificate that started as of March 8.

All-in-one certificate2016-03-16

Fujian authorities announced to launch the trial operation of an all-in-one inspection and quarantine certificate.

Cooperation among Pingtan, HK, Macao gets a boost2015-11-26

A delegation from the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies visited the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province on Nov 25.

One anniversary of 'Pingtan Closure'2015-07-24

Local newspaper Pingtan Times takes a look back at milestones following the one year anniversary of the "Pingtan Closure" project on July 15.

Pingtan hands back more than a hundred million yuan in taxes last year2015-02-05

Pingtan returned a total of 109.3-million yuan ($173,600) in taxes as rebates in 2014, figures showed.

China Customs pledge more innovation service for Pingtan2014-11-25

A delegation from the General Administration of Customs of China visited Pingtan on Nov 13 to investigate its development.

Pingtan Closure celebrates 100th day2014-11-10

Oct 22 marked the 100th day of the implementation of the "Pingtan Closure", a special customs mechanism in Pingtan.

Innovation in entry-exit inspection urged in Pingtan2014-08-19

Pingtan will enhance cooperation between customs and the inspection and quarantine authorities in future.

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