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Pingtan becomes a haven for China's restless 'post-90s'

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Updated: 2017-06-06

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Liaoruo ChenXing

Liaoruo Chenxing, is a film studio established by four young people from Pingtan who were all born in the 1990s.

Liaoruo Chenxing is commonly used as an adjective in Chinese to describe something that is as rare as stars in a dawn sky. The four aspirational youngsters gave their new venture this name to indicate their ambition to become minor but gleaming stars themselves.

A series of short public service films shot by them, such as Single Parent, which tells the story of a single father and his son, have been huge hits on the video platform Tencent.

Not resting on their laurels, the four currently are planning to shoot a full-length movie.

Speaking of the reason why they chose to return to Pingtan, He Jingwei, a member of the team, said: " We all grew up here and are more familiar with the city," adding that they would like to seek career success while recording the beauty of their hometown with their cameras.

Pingtan becomes a haven for China's restless 'post-90s'

The four founding members of independent film studio Liaoruo Chenxing pose for a photo. The four young people were all born in Pingtan in the 1990s and set up the studio in their hometown in South China's Fujian province. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]