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Six Taiwan-funded construction companies set to settle in Pingtan FTZ

Updated: 2016-07-28

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A group of Taiwan-funded construction companies are expected to be approved to become members of Pingtan's free trade zone (FTZ), marking a step forward in cross-Straits economic relations.

The Fujian FTZ was established on April 21, 2015, and set about encouraging Taiwan-funded construction companies to expand their businesses into the province. The scheme was soon applied across the Pingtan, Fuzhou and Xiamen FTZs

Among the six enterprises expected to join the Pingtan FTZ, four have been granted business licenses and the other two are in the process of registration.

Pingtan, as the only area to have Taiwan construction enterprises filed in Fujian province so far, allows those companies to engage in all areas of architectural activity except for geotechnical investigation and surveying.

Many Taiwan-funded companies already established in Pingtan have already undertaken mainland projects and expect more business opportunities in the future.