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Electric bicycles to be deployed for island hoppers

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A total of 280 electric-assisted bicycles will be deployed in Pingtan for visitors to ride and travel around the island county in southeastern Fujian province.

The electric bikes are currently being assembled, with components imported from countries including the Netherlands and Japan. They will be put into use as soon as possible, according to Chen Xinxiong, Pingtan Tourism Development Co's partner for the electric bike program.

Different from normal electric bikes, the bike structure integrates torque sensors that sense a cyclist's motion and helps decide which drive mode to adjust to.

In case riders feel strain in their hands and waists after cycling for a while, the bikes are designed to have ergonomic handles that curve backwards and slightly upwards.

The hydraulic disc brakes incorporated in the design make sure the bikes can be stopped efficiently to avoid road accidents.

Most of the components are made of aluminum alloy, making the bikes sturdy and durable.

Such smart electric bikes offering safety, comfort and fun come at 5,000 yuan each. After getting down the assembly line, the bikes will be provided to tourists and residents in Pingtan for free for some time.

Electric bicycles to be deployed for island hoppers

A journalist tries riding one of the electric bikes to be put into use in Pingtan, Fujian province. [Photo from ptnet.cn]