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Policies to boost Pingtan's tourism

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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In recent times, the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province has rolled out a raft of preferential policies to boost its tourism industry and reach its goal of becoming an international tourist destination, ptnet.cn reported on June 13.

Incentives to attract tourism professionals

Pingtan launched a series of incentives to attract talented tourism personnel. For instance, people who take part in the National Examination for Tour Guides in Pingtan and get the primary tour guide certificate can obtain a subsidy of 1,000 yuan ($154), and those who get the intermediate certificate are entitled to 2,000 yuan.

Taiwan people who hold tour guide certificates are also allowed to work as tour guides in Pingtan.

Special fund to support key tourism projects

Pingtan authorities have planned to grant a special tourism fund of 100 million yuan per year and will add more if needed. Tourism projects that have investment of more than 1 billion yuan will also get stronger financial support from the government.

To ensure the reasonable use of the fund, the authorities created a supporting guideline.

Policies to allow setting up foreign-funded travel agencies

Since June 1, 2015, the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone has been approved to set up foreign-funded or Sino-foreign joint travel agencies. So far, Pingtan has had two Taiwan-funded travel agencies and two joint ones.

The Fujian Tianhai International Travel Agency in Pingtan, Fujian province became the first travel agency in the zone partly funded by an overseas investor.

The company, a joint venture by Fujian Liang'an International Travel Agency and the Taiwan Tianhai Travel Agency, obtained its business license on June 9. It aims to introduce Taiwan's advanced management and service, and bring in Taiwan's tour guides and other staff to help promote Pingtan.

Tax refunds for overseas tourists

The Pingtan Aoqian High-speed Passenger Terminal is one of the first five ports that are allowed to offer tax refunds to overseas buyers in Fujian province, according to the tax refund policy that came into effect on Jan 1, 2016.

The policy stipulates that tourists from overseas, as well as those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who stay on the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days, will be eligible for an 11 percent rebate on consumer goods bought at designated stores.

As of March 19, online tax refunds became available in Pingtan, which brings more convenience to overseas buyers. The policy is considered a good opportunity for Pingtan tourism products to go global and a driving force for its inbound tourism.