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Pingtan association gives home like feel to Taiwan people

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Updated: 2016-01-06

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The Association for Taiwan Investment Enterprises in Pingtan, Fujian province gives a sense of belonging to people of Taiwan in Pingtan, said Chen Shenghui, a new member of the association, Pingtan Times reported on Jan 4.

Chen, a Taiwan resident came to Pingtan after getting a work opportunity in Oct 2015. When he decided to stay in the county, his top priority was to become a member of the association because he had learnt that the association gives a sense of belonging to people from Taiwan.

Founded in June 2013, the association has a mission to help Taiwan people quickly get used to their life in Pingtan. For instance, it helps newcomers deal with registration procedures or rent houses.

It also works together with local authorities to attract more entrepreneurs from Taiwan to start or expand their business there.

Shi Shengguo, standing director of the association said that he and his colleagues grab every opportunity of delegations from Taiwan visiting Pingtan. They introduce the delegates the lastest development of the county. In 2015, the association has played host to more than 80 such delegations.

With the development of two years, the organization now has a total of over 270 members. It has helped more than 100 Taiwan companies and individuals to settle down in Pingtan.