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Players, judges praise new softball stadium

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Updated: 2015-10-19

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A newly-built softball stadium in Pingtan county has received universal acclaim, as players, judges and coaches there for the first National Youth Games have all spoken highly of its first class facilities.

Players, judges praise new softball stadium

The stadium covers an area of nearly 9,000 square meters and can accommodate 5,030 spectators. The stadium resembles a boat, embodying Pingtan’s coastal characteristics. Besides the fields and magnificent stands, it also has comfortable locker rooms, an interview room, medical centers as well as a doping control station.

Players, judges praise new softball stadium

Following are comments by players and officials:

Shao Hua (technical officer)

“To me the stadium is the best in China, no matter in the stands or the field. Pingtan has an incomparable advantage that it is near Taiwan, where softball is extremely popular, and the two places usually hold many softball games to increase cross-Straits communication.”

Li Zhe (chief judge)

“I’ve been to many softball events as a judge and I have to say that it is the first time I’ve seen such a big crowd showing up at a game. Not too many places have a softball stadium as good as the one in Pingtan. So I feel excited about it.”

Song Qiuyuan (head coach of Nantong team)

“I like Pingtan’s softball stadium very much. It is an incredible piece of work. The facilities, grass, earth, nets and all others are all of international level. I really enjoy playing a game here.”

Zhang Yuxin (baseman of Xiamen team)

“I never played a softball game on such gorgeous field. Everything is perfect. The ground is flat, which is good to catch the ball. The venue is professional and the staff and crowds are really enthusiastic.”