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Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

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Updated: 2015-10-13

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Local news portal ptnet.cn sets out 10 most important events in Pingtan county, Fujian province in October. They range from National Youth Games to new tax refund policies for tourists, lowered property transaction fees and registration for the national civil service examination.

1. Pingtan set for National Youth Games

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

National Youth Games is the largest sports meeting Fujian province has ever held, to take place across nine prefecture-level cities and the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone. Pingtan will host all softball matches during the Games, which last from Oct 18 to 27. A new softball stadium has been built and ready for the Game.

2. Kiteboarding competition

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

The first National Kiteboarding/Windsurfing Championships is scheduled in Pingtan from Oct 7 to 11. Pingtan has held many kiteboarding events due to fine wind and sea conditions.

3. Tax refund for tourists

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

Overseas tourists may now apply for tax rebates on purchased goods when they leave Pingtan , according to a new tax policy made by authorities.

The policy stipulates that starting Oct 1, tourists from foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan who stay in the mainland for less than 183 days are qualified for the refund, equal to 11 percent of sales .

Two stores in Pingtan have implemented the policy: the Taiyuan branch of Guan Supermarket and Haoxiang Supermarket on Jiuyiliu Rd, according to the local tax bureau.

4. Best tourist guide

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

As Pingtan aims to become an international tourist island, the importance of high-quality tourist guides cannot be overstressed. The local tourism bureau plans to hold a competition on Oct 12 to award the best interpretation skills.

5. No reset on cellphone traffic

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

This is long-waited good news for cellphone users, as the telecom triumvirate in the Chinese mainland – China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecome - has announced the no-reset cellphone traffic policy. The policy, which takes effect on Oct 1, means that surplus traffic from the previous month will be added to the user’s quota the next month. But, beware, you have to apply for the service voluntarily.

6. Car buyers, make the move

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

Mainland buyers of vehicles with engine displacement of 1.6 liters or below will see their vehicle purchase taxes halved. The policy set out by the State Council will be valid from Oct 1 2015 to Dec 31, 2016.

7. Convenient business license applications

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

China will promote the “all-in-one” business license across the nation starting on Oct 1. The new license integrates the business license, certificate of organization code and the certificate of taxation registration. The approval time is cut from dozens of days to only three hours. The reform was carried out in Pingtan earlier this year and proved efficient.

8. A dip in house transfer cost

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

Property transfer fees will be slightly lowered starting on Oct 15, according to a new policy by the National Development and Reform Commission. The fees will be reduced by one yuan per square kilometer for new houses and 2 yuan per square meter for second-hand houses.

9. No mercy for traffic violations

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

China will tighten identity checks for drivers who break traffic rules and use someone else’s driving license for point deduction. Starting on Oct 1, traffic police will ask drivers to simultaneously present ID and driving license to rule out impostures.

10. Will you sit the exams this year?

Top 10 events to watch in Pingtan in Oct

The registration date for the 2016 National Civil Service Examination is slated for Oct 15. The exam will be open to non-civil servants only, which is the first time in history.

The registration of the 2016 postgraduate examinations is scheduled from Oct 10 to 31. The preliminary tests will take place on Dec 26 and 27.