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Pingtan to release e-map in 2016

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-10-08

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The tourism authority in Pingtan, Fujian province recently announced that it will soon unveil the first electrical map of the island city, local media reported.

The map will open a new chapter of Pingtan’s tourism industry as it uses mobile technology to introduce comprehensive knowledge of Pingtan’s tourism resources including accommodation, entertainment, transportation and shopping, according to Wang Feng, a manager of a local online business company that co-designed the map.

The release date of the e-map is set for 2016. It will be available at all local tourism resorts and important transportation locations such as bus stations and a ferry terminal in Aoqian town.

Users only need to scan QR codes at those places to get all the information they need, he said.

“They will unfold the e-map on their smart phones. There will be several channels on the map, such as a vivid introduction of the scenic spots, smart navigation, service information and so on.”

The e-map will also serve as a platform for ways for tourism merchants to promote their businesses including offers of discounts and free Taiwan-bound cruise tickets and hotel room reservation services.

The issuance of the e-map echoes Pingtan’s ambitious goal of building an international tourism resort. It will particularly appeal to non-local tourists who choose to drive to Pingtan, said insiders.