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Aoqian district's tourism sparkles

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A flurry of tourism projects have sprung up in the Aoqian district in Pingtan, Fujian province, ptnet.cn reports.

The boom is consistent with Aoqian’s strategic positioning to become a high-end tourism zone, a cross-Straits business zone and a “Common Homeland” for people across the Straits.

Haitan Ancient City

The knockout tourism project near the Tannan Bay that went into operation on May 1.

With an investment of 8.6-billion-yuan ($1.4b), the project aims to transform approximately 70 hectares of land into a multifunctional antique tourism complex with restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and accommodation.

Haitianfudi Beautiful Countryside project

The project takes up 120 hectares with an investment of 3 billion yuan. It comprises a 5A base for driving tourists, a leisure zone and a scenic resort on islands and rocks.

The 44 hectare core area combines the characteristic stone folk dwellings and fishing culture, with many catering and entertainment programs such bars, guesthouses and restaurants.

Haixia International Tennis Center

The project will take up an area of 44 hectares. Besides a tennis training center with 21 hard courts, 4 clay courts and 2 grass courts, there will also be a tennis school rehabilitation center and a resort hotel.

Rehabilitation and Resort Base

The project occupies an area of 32 hectares and will consist of apartments for the elderly, a first-aid hospital, a resort hotel and other supporting facilities.

Sea Island Research Center

The center will use 6.6 hectares of land. The first phase – an engineering research building - was built last July with an investment of 50 million yuan. The second phase will comprise a sea island scientific museum, an academic exchange center and some labs.