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Pingtan tourism thrived during May Day Holiday

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Updated: 2015-05-12

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Tourism flourished in Pingtan during the May Day Holiday, as more than 51,600 visitors flocked into the island county in eastern Fujian province.

Pingtan tourism thrived during May Day Holiday

Tourists flock to the sea in Pingtan, Fujian province. [Photo/ptnet.cn]

Scenic resorts in Pingtan reported that they receive many more tourists than before from May 1 to 3, with a total revenue of 14.4 million yuan.

The Deity’s Well, a sea-erosion landform, handled some 15,000 people, an increase of 40 percent since last year. And more than 7,000, about 10 percent more than last year, travelled to the Shipaiyang, a reef which is a combination of tablet-shaped rocks.

Other popular tourist destinations included the General’s Mountain, Nanzhai Mountain, Tannan Bay and Haiyu Plaza.

Tens of thousands of people, many from outside Pingtan, gathered on the beach along the Tannan Bay on the evening of May 1, playing games and dancing by campfires that lit up the sky.

The Haiyu Plaza rolled out a variety of programs for visitors. The newly-introduced fun car – an electric-powered, tin-can-shaped vehicle that moves quickly – caught a lot of attention.

Hotel rooms had been booked up about a week before the holiday.

Local travel agencies came up with new programs, such as a tour to the Haitan Ancient City, a tourism complex, and a life experience in fishing with famers.

“Most new comers showed much interest in Pingtan’s fishing culture. So we provided them an opportunity to fish. The feedback was very satisfactory,” said Chen Youyu, deputy manager of a travel agency.

Pingtan tourism thrived during May Day Holiday

Folk performance at the Haitan Ancient City, a tourism complex in Pingtan, Fujian province, May 1. [Photo/ptnet.cn]