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Officials explore Pingtan's blueprint (Part II)

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Updated: 2014-12-26

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The administrative committee of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (PCPZ) in Fujian province held a brainstorming session on Dec 4 to set out some tasks for next year.

The following are some of their takes.

Lin Gongmiao (member of the PCPZ's Party Working Committee)

Professional and capital are the two most important elements in Pingtan's development.

Pingtan will recruit more professionals for the construction of major engineering projects.

Wang Jinzu (Deputy Director of PCPZ's Administrative Commmittee)

Pingtan is designated as a “Common Homeland” for people across the Taiwan Straits and a free trade port.

Authorities should endeavor to bring in more professionals to engage in urban construction in Pingtan.

Pingtan will boost industrial development by accelerating high-end industrial parks and cultivating the industries of electronic information, logistics, modern services, cultural tourism and the marine economy.

Mao Chaoyin (Deputy Director of PCPZ's Administrative Committee)

In the context of a slowdown of national macro economy development, Pingtan is facing a huge opportunity as well as a challenge. It will expand the financing of channels by invigorating private investments.

It will highlight the tourism industry as tourism resources are the most important in Pingtan. I suggest that Pingtan could set up a tourism holding company in a bid to reduce the cost of financing.

Tan Yuntao (Deputy Director of PCPZ's Administrative Committee)

It is true that there are a lot of obstacles in the way of development for Pingtan, but we cannot lose confidence in its bright future.

Jinjing Bay District is a demonstration development zone. We must pay attention to major projects there and increase communications with enterprises.

Liang Qinlong (Deputy Director of PCPZ's Administrative Committee)

Cadres and government workers should have a bigger vision and get familiar with major engineering projects in order to form an efficient working mechanism.

Authorities will do a better job in business attraction through the power of media as well as more exhibitions.

Ding Jizhu (Deputy Director of PCPZ's Administrative Committee)

Pingtan will continue to make breakthroughs in more fields in cross-Straits communication and cooperation. It will tackle problems such as a relatively weak infrastructure and incomplete planning.

Pingtan will enhance the building of an international tourism island by rolling out various methods. For example, it can create promotional brochures to better help people understand the preferential policies and tourism information.

Chen Wenbo (Inspector of PCPZ's Administrative Committee)

Pingtan will construct more agricultural facilities and enhance cross-Straits agricultural cooperation. It will also boost agricultural modernization by promoting agricultural mechanical technologies and bringing in more professional staff.

It is a fact that marine fishery resources are shrinking. So Pingtan will develop its pelagic fishing and aquaculture industry.