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Officials explore Pingtan's blueprint (Part I)

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Updated: 2014-12-24

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The administrative committee of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (PCPZ) in Fujian province held a brainstorming session on Dec 4 to set out some tasks for next year.

The following are some of their takes.

You Mengjun (the committee's deputy director)

Building industrial economies, which start from the port, tourism and headquarters economies, are the most pressing matter.

The first thing in 2015 is to strive for policies concerning the free trade port. Becoming an international cargo transit hub is the only path for developing the port economy.

Pingtan will improve its port infrastructure and increase marine routes and flights to Taiwan.

Pingtan will also try to become an international tourism island, requiring local officials to promote its brand and land more tourism projects.

To develop its headquarters economy, Pingtan will create a sound business environment and provide a better service for enterprises.

Zhou Qingsong (the committee's deputy director)

Pingtan will bring out the best from government staffers and promote pragmatism among them.

Professionals will be the backbone of Pingtan's large-scale development strategy. Pingtan will strive to cultivate and attract professionals of high quality through education and tourism.

Chen Dongrong (the committee's deputy director)

Pingtan will accelerate making an ecological protection plan to improve the ecology. It will also perfect the network of major roads in urban districts and develop more underground spaces.

Pingtan will build more facilities benefiting people's livelihoods, such as opening a new cemetery and transforming a shanty town in Jinjing Bay District.

Lin Jianglin (the committee's deputy director)

Pingtan is facing a golden opportunity as well as new challenges. It must free its mind and pull out all the stops to boost its overall development.

Pingtan will enhance cross-Straits cooperation and communication, as it will hold more promotional events in Taiwan in a bid to attract more businesses and investments from Taiwan. The duty-free Taiwan Commodity Market will become a distribution hub for Taiwan's products. And the customs clearance will be further simplified to boost tourism.

Xie Xiutong (member of the PCPZ's Party Working Committee)

Aoqian district, as the frontline of cross-Straits cooperation and the opening-up program in Pingtan, will elevate its service and management, and accelerate the speed of customs clearance.

Pingtan will expand sea routes to Taiwan and strive to become an important channel of exchange of logistics, personnel and capital flows.

Tourism will be a pillar industry. And authorities will pay more attention to ecological preservation.

Chen Changming (Director of Pingtan Public Security Bureau)

A stable and safety social order is the integral part of a flourishing society. The Public Security Bureau will do a better job next year in mediating disputes, especially in land acquisition and demolition projects.

The Bureau will also cooperate with local courts in handling legal cases involving Taiwanese people in order to make Pingtan a “bridgehead” of cross-Straits mutual legal aid.