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Pingtan leader meets UNIDO experts

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-08-28

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Li Dejin, director of the administrative committee of Pingtan, met with a group of experts from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and talked about Pingtan’s ecological development, on Aug 27.

The UNIDO experts were on the second day of their four-day inspection trip to Pingtan, which has been named by the organization as one of five eco-city candidates in Southeast Asia.

The visitors have swung by a handful of designated places where they have been shown Pingtan’s hard work in improving its ecological conditions. They are looking forward to exploring it in depth and feeling its tremendous potential, said Ludovic Bernaudat, captain of the UNIDO jury.

The expert panel, after rounds of surveys, will make a professional essay on how Pingtan can make progress in its green ecological development, he added.

UNIDO has not just offered a chance to Pingtan by including it as an eco-city candidate, but has passed on its expectations for Pingtan, whose task is to build a “Common Homeland” for people across the Taiwan Straits and a livable garden city with a low-carbon, green lifestyle, said Li.

Certainly there will be a lot of hurdles in Pingtan’s path towards realizing its eco-city goals, such as the contradiction of economic development and environmental protection, and the clash of conventional and novel development concepts. But Pingtan will draw experiences from the past and do its best in its ecological construction, he added.