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Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan

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Updated: 2014-08-20

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Local newspaper Pingtan Times recently published four splendid photographs by amateur photographers, claiming that the island county in eastern Fujian province has gained popularity.

Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan
Shi Pai Yang [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

Shi Pai Yang, also known as "Double-Sail Rock," is the most famous natural scenic spot in Pingtan. It is a disc-shaped reef that holds two tablet-shaped rocks situated to the northwest of Pingtan Island and along the more than 500-meter sea surface in the west of Kan'ao village. The combination of these rocks is like a big ship with two sails, riding on the crest of waves.

Yi Hai, the photographer, said the best time to capture the beauty of Shi Pai Yang is in the late afternoon when the sunset makes everything warm.

Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan
A wharf in Liushui town. [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

The wharf with wrecked fishing boats at Liushui town appealed to Nian Wangshu most, who said the shabby vessels sent him to a different time.

The charm of the scene culminates at dusk, too, as the rustiness of the vessels is intensified with the afterglow in the background.

Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan
General Mountain. [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

General Mountain, previously known as Tiger Mountain, is located in the Haitan National Scenic Spot in Pingtan county, Fujian province. It is adjacent to the Haitan Strait in the east and faces Taiwan across the sea, as Wu En'er explained.

At an altitude of 104 meters, the mountain covers an area of 1.1 square kilometers. The cliffy and steep mountain rises along the coastal line, with huge rocks overlapping. It is particularly famous for its unique landscape, such as hill rock scenery, cape bay and temples. The main scenic spots include Tongtian Platform, Leishi Hole, One Line Sky and Wife Rock. These scenic spots are connected by man-made tourist paths.

Shutterbugs explore beauty of Pingtan
Fairy Well. [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

Fairy Well, situated between rocks on the coast of Donghai village, Liushui town, is formed due to marine abrasion. Strong waves have been crushing against one side of the 47 meter well over the past thousands of years and penetrates into the well through some holes in the rocks.

Ke Jian, the photographer, said he is infatuated with the giant waves that hit the rocks.