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Cross-Straits tourism fair highlights Pingtan

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Updated: 2014-08-07

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The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone was elected to be the City of Honor for the 10th Strait Travel Fair (STF), which is scheduled to be held Sept 6-11 in Xiamen, Fujian province.

Cross-Straits tourism fair highlights Pingtan

A corner of Pingtan at night [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

Pingtan’s election was noteworthy for its high-profile stance in communication and cooperation with Taiwan, and the gigantic potential in exploring the cross-Straits tourism market, said an official with the local tourism bureau.

The identity of City of Honor will give Pingtan quite a few privileges. It will get a prominent spot at the venue to promote its tourism resources, policies and plans. Pingtan’s representatives will be allowed to participate in all of the STF’s promotional events. Its names and logos will appear on the pages of media outlets in collaboration with the STF.

The tentative idea is to set up a live-action zone of Pingtan’s beach scenes at the venue, along with some programs for interaction with spectators, according to the official.

Pingtan hopes to take this opportunity to showcase its beautiful sea islands to the world and promote its brand in cross-Straits tourism, he added.