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Pingtan releases reform and innovation plan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-04-28

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Authorities in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (Zone) mapped out tasks for reform and innovations in major sectors in an action plan issued on April 15.

The 50-point action plan focuses on six areas where government departments are urged to make improvements and innovations.

A more efficient administrative system is at the top, accounting for about one-fifth of the missions. They involve integrating parts of the county’s administration organs, establishing a one-stop administrative service center as well as regulatory agencies for industrial development management in different districts.

Pingtan will improve financial services for individuals and enterprises by striving to become a pilot area for cross-border RMB settlement, diversifying the financial service system and encouraging the set-up of private banks, the plan said.

To attract more investment and facilitate trade activities, Pingtan will try to set up a zone where it will outsource services for Taiwan citizens, and expand the commodity trade market by allowing more import products from Taiwan and giving them bigger tax breaks.

The plan also said Pingtan will complete building an integrated customs supervision and management system on the island, simplify customs procedures and pilot the over-sea delivery of mail.

In cross-Straits cooperation, Pingtan will continue to improve facilities for Taiwan’s entrepreneurs and their business, as it will build an industrial incubator, a business innovation and startup base for college graduates, a high-tech industrial service center, a Taiwan industrial park as well as an upscale community for Taiwan people.

Pingtan will also lure talent from across the country and provide them with accommodation, which includes construction of 1,000 apartments and support facilities, according to the plan.