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Functional layout

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According to the natural and geographical characteristics of Haitan Island and other affiliated islets in Pingtan, the county drafted an overall plan for the layout of the development of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone. The layout was set up to deepen cross-Straits trade and economic exchanges, transform industry by drawing experience from Taiwan, cooperatively develop science and technology, and promote culture and education across the Straits.

Haitan Island

Haitan Island is the main body in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone. With the gradual opening and improving of various industrial clusters, a development pattern has been built with rational functional divisions that complement the pilot zone’s harmonious development.

Central Business District (CBD)

CBD is located in the central east of Haitan Island and includes Tancheng Cluster (downtown), Lancheng Cluster and Zhuyu Cluster. The district focuses on developing high-end business, finance and insurance, administrative offices, high-class residences and tourism services. It aims to promote the overall function of the city center with a livable ecological environment.

Business and trade district in Fujian's coastal area

This district includes southwestern and eastern parts of Haitan Island, which are made up of Jinjin Bay, Jidiao Port and the Aoqian industrial areas. These areas focus on bonded processing, bonded logistics, shipping, and trade and port logistics. It aims to develop into a trade center for commercial goods, seafood processing and Taiwan agricultural products import.

High-tech industry district

This district is located in the Zhongyuan industrial area in the northern part of Haitan Island. It focuses on electronic information, new material, new energy and other strategic new industries. The district is also responsible for publicizing the use of low-carbon technology to build itself into a demonstration base of high-tech industry and low-carbon technology for both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

Science and technology R&D district

This district is located in Xingfuyang industrial area in the northwestern part of Haitan Island. Its function is to establish close cross-Straits cooperation on research and development. The district aims to construct a base carrying out research and development of industrial technologies as well as their application. The district hopes to explore a mode of intelligent communication, life services and intelligent construction.

Culture and education district

This district is located in the Pingyang industrial area in the north central part of Haitan Island and its surrounding areas. According to the development plan, it will be built into a cooperative education park, where renowned universities from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan can work closely.

It will be built into a park for the creative cultural industry and a game city for animation and comics to boost cross-Straits cooperation in the creative cultural industry. The game city will include design, advertising and media as well as exchanges in animation and the comic industry. The district will also develop into a demonstration base for cross-Straits cooperation on higher education and vocational technical education.

Tourism and recreation district

This district is located in the Tannanwan industrial area in the southeastern part of Haitan Island and the nearby islets and ledges. The district will make use of its unique geographical advantages with natural seashore beach and sea-eroded lands to boost Pingtan's tourism.

It is responsible for strengthening tourism cooperation across the Straits, including developing sea sports and recreational items for better health. The construction of seaside hotels and supporting service equipment will also be accelerated to create a world-renowned vacation resort for tourism and recreation.